I was born, raised, and am currently still living on Long Island.  I started writing when I was 10 years old and have barely stopped since. I’m a recent college graduate who hopes to one day get paid to do what I consider hobbies. I’ve always had a love for entertainment and pop culture, but it wasn’t until I became a journalism major that I realized I had a passion and talent for writing about it.

I also have cerebral palsy. It obviously affects almost every aspect of my life, which I want to share some of with you. My experiences have given me a unique perspective that I hope I can bring to this blog whether I’m talking about disability itself, the media I consume (and I consume a lot, believe me), social issues, politics, or anything in between.

Whether five people or 500 read what I post, all I hope is that at least one of them listens to what I’m saying. I don’t expect it to change their life, but maybe it’ll make them think that much more.